Duration 4 years
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥30,000 (RMB)
Teaching Language English

Program Infomation

This program develops skills necessary to work at a high level of expertise in all areas of finance, including banking, securities, investment banking, insurance and management consulting.

Graduates are expected to attain the following knowledge and abilities:
•  Knowledge and theories of investment analysis, risk management, accounting and economics
•  Through model thinking, students will be able to analyze realistic problems while giving solutions via computer, mathematical algorithms and other interdisciplinary tools of quantitative analysis
•  Have a deep understanding of finance practices and to skillfully plan/coordinate with team members to carry out finance investments.
•  Understand domestic and international laws and regulations in the financial industry as well as policy trends.

Financial Data Analysis and Forecast, Financial Econometrics, Investment Analysis, Applied Portfolio Management, Quantitative Business Analysis, Derivative Securities, Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, Fixed
Income Securities, Equity Investment Analysis, Financial Programming and Computing, The Technology and Application of Machine Learning, Quantitative Investment Strategy Design and Implementation, Hedge Funds
and Fund Management, Behavioral Finance, Financial Statement Analysis, Risk Management, Valuation and Risk Models.

4 years
•  Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport

•  Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport
•  Applicants must abide by Chinese laws and university regulations
and respect Chinese customs
•  High school graduation with GPA 2.7 or above, or its equivalent ( A LEVEL: CCD or above / IB: 26 or above)

English profiency has to fulfill one of the following requirements:
•  Native speakers of English
•  IELTS 6.0 / TOEFL: 80 (iBT) or above received within the last two years
•  The previous degree was fully taught in English
•  Pass SILC English Language Proficiency Test. (For more information about this test, please contact SILC Admission at

Graduates who meet the requirements of both SHU and UTS will receive two degrees, one from each of the universities.

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