International Economics & Trade

Duration 4 years
Starting Date September
Tuition Fee / Year ¥29800 (RMB)
Teaching Language English

Program Infomation

About the Program

1. Introduction

The BA program of the  International Economics and Trade  is a four-year program
established on the fundamental economics and emphasizes on the theories and policie
of international economics,  international trade,  and overseas investment in the global
economy, as well as on the operation of international trade and overseas investment in
real world practices. The program is designed to help students develop a solid core o

analytic skills that will be of value in meeting such challenges in subsequent professiona


2. Requirements
1) Mastered the necessary computer skills.
2) Have certain analytical ability, creativity and decision-making ability.
3)  Desired  to learn the economic theories, business management, marketing and
international business.
4)  Have some basic knowledge about  Chinese culture, politics, economy and history
would be better.

3. Core Courses
International Trade
Practice of International Trade
International Finance
International Marketing
Multinational Corporations
Electronic Business
History of Chinese Foreign Trade
Introduction to Chinese Foreign Trade

4. Career Plan
The BA program  of International Economics and Trade is designed to train graduates
equipped with solid foundation of field theory on international economics and trade, skills
required for practices on international trade and investment, and skills of multicultural
communication. Program alumni are found to have brilliant skills and sophisticated
communication skills  in Chinese, and are thus warmly welcomed by large multinational
corporations, trade companies and financial departments in China, as well as the home
countries of the students. There are also some graduates working for family firms and are
committed to their business relations with China.

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